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Nintendo Wii U 32GB Console Premium Pack - Black (New)

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Product Dimensions and Weight

Product Length: 360.0000MM
Product Width: 300.0000MM
Product Height: 150.0000MM
Product Weight: 2200.0000G



Wii U is the next great gaming console from Nintendo and it redefines how you will play next. With its innovative new Wii U GamePad controller, it will not only introduce entirely new ways to play games, it will also transform how you connect with friends and enjoy entertainment.

Play Games:

Discover new ways to play together with the innovative Wii U GamePad controller.

Enjoy brand new games from your favorite gaming franchises.

Experience up to full 1080p HD for the first-time ever on a Nintendo gaming console.

Play almost all of your favorite Wii games & accessories on the Wii U console.

Connect & Share:

Interact with friends, family, and people around the world via Miiverse.

Download add-on content, full games, classic games, and applications from the Nintendo eShop.

Communicate in real time with the video chat feature.

Make and share Mii characters.

Broadband Internet access required for online features. For more info, go to support.nintendo.com Transform Entertainment.

Search your TV, cable, video-on-demand and DVR content from one convenient place.

Control your TV with the Wii U GamePad as a remote control.

Browse the Internet on the Wii U GamePad and share your activity on the TV screen.

Find, watch, and enhance your video entertainment.

Wii U GamePad Controller: The Wii U console's new controller, the Wii U GamePad, will connect wirelessly and seamlessly with both the console and the television. With a built-in touch screen, motion controls, and a full complement of buttons and control sticks built right in, the Wii U Game Pad transforms gaming, introducing new and better ways to play.

With the Wii U GamePad the action can now flow seamlessly between the GamePad and the television, and it will open a new window into gaming worlds that can extend beyond the TV and completely surround you. Its intuitive and easy-to-use interfaces mean Wii U can be home to games for everyone in the family, from the latest games for the most avid gamer to fun and innovative new games for those looking for more casual pick-up and play experiences. Wii U extends beyond games with built-in wireless connectivity to get you online quickly and easily. Players with broadband Internet access will find new ways to connect with other players over the Internet in Miiverse, communicate in real time via the video chat feature with other friends and families, and access new downloadable games and additional game content from the Nintendo eShop. And the Wii U GamePad controller puts it all right at your fingertips.

Wii U also offers Nintendo TiiV to make TV more simple and fun. This service enables users to find, watch, and engage with TV shows, movies, and sports, all from the Wii U GamePad. Users can search for programs across Wii U Video Entertainment, TV Channels, and their TiVo DVR. The service is available in US and Canada at launch for users with a wireless internet connection. Whether its games, social connections or home entertainment, Wii U redefines how you will play next.

Developer: Nintendo
Release Date: 30/11/2012
Genre: Console

What's In The Box:

Nintendo Wii U 32GB Console in Black.
Nintendo Wii U GamePad in Black.
Nintendo Wii U AC Adapter.
Nintendo Wii U GamePad AC Adapter.
Nintendo Wii HDMI cable (High Definition).
Nintendo Wii U Game Pad Stylus.
Nintendo Wii U Sensor Bar.
Nintendo Wii U GamePad Cradle.
Nintendo Wii U GamePad Stand.
Nintendo Wii U Console Stand.


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